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It is my privilege to commend Neil & Joan Sayers, and to highly recommend their God given, anointed ministry. This ministry has been well proven by its results. They are special gifts from the Lord Jesus, the Head of the church.                                                Rev. Campbell McAlpine

I have known Neil and Joan for over 30 years in my capacity as Pastor and friend and I am very happy to commend them. They are gifted in leadership, preaching and counselling, with an appropriate balance of spirituality and common sense. Any church employing them will find themselves well served!                                     Rev. Andrew Kane Partnership Trust

“What can I say…you were wonderful in every event we scheduled – and those that arose at the last minute as well! Our people were so privileged to be under your ministry.                                      Pastor Dorothy Hall Limerick Christian Centre. Limerick, Ireland

“Neil & Joan connect with all ages, they care, and they are compassionate in all they do. Seeking to fulfil honouring God, while helping others through their lives, teaching and personal prayer.”
Lonnie Curl. Senior Pastor Lambs Chapel Christian Center, Florence SC

Their teaching was tremendous, their ministry and prayer time sensitive and their counseling skills excellent. I highly recommend them.’ 
Mike McIntosh, Senior Pastor Grace Church, Federal Way WA

"As their translator I had the privilege to be for many hours close with them in their teaching and counselling ministry. Neil & Joan are indeed a couple of God's calling and power when it comes to individually and very personally counsel and encourage people in need of comfort and divine direction. There is no sign of routine deportment when trying to understand the individual concern and they express such an immediate love and sympathetic passion for the peoplethey pray for. They indeed make clear from the very beginning unto the sometimes late end of her counselling ministry, that they seem to have unlimited time for the person.
I love to see how God uses them to complement each other in the teaching and intercession ministry. What a treasure of experience and wonderful encouraging
 stories and examples they have and share when fighting for the concerns of the survival of the family life in our Western culture."
Dr. Detlef Kapteina (Pastor der EFG Schwäbisch Hall, Baptisten)
Breslauer Weg 54; D-74523 Schwäbisch Hall Germany

“In ministry with us here at PCC, they have had a profound impact on entire families. They are as skilled in ministry at a personal level as they are in the larger venue of a public service. Parents have been healed and ministered to – children have begun to move in dimensions of intercessory prayer and gifts of the Spirit. We have been so greatly enriched by their lives and ministries.”

Rick C Howard, Pastor at Large,Peninsula Christian Center, California.