Family Fullness Ministries has offices in Northumberland UK and South Carolina USA. 



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Whether it means nights away at a Conference Centre, the adventure of camping, or just an extended gathering in the home facility; church weekends are one of the greatest vehicles for strengthening fellowship, building friendships and deepening spiritual life.

Family Fullness Ministries offer a range of packages that provide the key elements to make your weekend a success. Namely:

Teaching- relevant, insightful and motivational. Balanced with humour, illustration, and application. Carefully chosen themes are totally inclusive of every attendee, wherever they are in their spiritual walk.

Ministry - sensitive, relevant, and Spirit led.

Fun Activities - great fellowship building games and events

Family Fullness Ministries have many years experience leading weekends for churches of all different sizes and denominations. From a campsite in the middle of Texas USA, to a Conference Centre in the middle of Dartmoor England. 

Our range of topics can be tailored to suit a churches particular requirements and adjusted to fit its current ‘season’. These are listed below.


 ‘Life Lessons from Romans 12.’  So much insight in a few short verses! Highly applicable lessons for everyday situations and circumstances. Brought to life with humour & heart warming stories.


 ‘We’re in this together.’  What is true fellowship? How can we develop & deepen friendships? Where does grace fit in? “By their love for one another...” Jesus said.  Keys, tools & application!


‘Jesus - the Radical’. Rediscovering our best friend. A journey of delightful surprises. The most radical person to have ever walked the Earth says “Follow me’. What does that mean to the individual, & to the church in the 21st Century. 


‘In a family....’ God’s design received Jesus’ seal when He was born into a human family. Yet now more than ever that ideal is under attack, both parental & cooperate. “Reaching up, in, & out” is the answer! What that means for every church member.

 Please note we can also arrange for teams to minister to the Children and the Youth, using the same topic. Thus ensuring that the whole church moves as one through the weekend experience.