Family Fullness Ministries has offices in Northumberland UK and South Carolina USA. 



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Each designed to address specific issues, and are suitable for parents, grandparents, single parents, teachers & perspective parents:

Arrows in the Hands of a Warrior -Using a fresh and unique approach this seminar offers creative and practical help for busy parents! Giving insight to help their children be all that they can be. Using Solomon’s encouragement from Psalm 127 to look at—ministering to your children, praise worship and prayer in the family, the five great ‘family jewels’, and using your most powerful appendage.

Living on Different Planets -The ‘teenage years’ - challenging yes, but also a great time of discovery and fulfilment. This seminar is for parents of teenagers or those racing toward their teens. Dealing with such vital topics as - communication, peer pressure, Spiritual development, and relationships.

Maximising their Potential - Raising and releasing children of destiny! All children are born with incredible potential. This seminar will help parents and teachers discover and strengthen these gifts and abilities, and offer insight on how these can be used for the Kingdom of God.Each Seminar has about a two hour duration with time for a tea/coffee interval half way through. There is plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion. Note packs are provided.


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